The perfect unplugged holiday present to promote storytelling, emotional learning, and imagination play. All The Feels is a children's card game designed to teach kids how to better express themselves through storytelling. Each child will take turns picking a card from each category; animal, place, vehicle, action, and emotion and then tell their story. All The Feels is an easy to pack option for travel, restaurants, or for car rides. Get ready to grow your child's imagination and emotional vocabulary with All The Feels!

All the Feels was created by two dads to create an open environment for kids to discuss feelings and emotions. By introducing Emotional Storytelling early in a child's life, we can improve how children express themselves, how they empathize with others, and how they communicate with the world. We know how powerful a child's imagination is - All the Feels is designed to encourage imagination play and storytelling to exercise that imagination muscle.


We are so excited to hear the stories from our supporters - we have already heard tremendous feedback from parents about how easy it is to use this game in a restaurant, the car, or while laying around the house. All the Feels never needs to be charged, it won't break if dropped, and there are no limits on how long or short you play the game.